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Growing up in the suburbs didn't lend itself to landscape photography. let alone any landscapes besides strip malls and houses.  But, I was luckier than most in that my father took me camping as much as he could when I was young.  Now, my appreciation of those trips was lackluster at the time and that is being generous.  Little did I know that a seed was planted that would remain dormant until I moved to the Pacific Northwest as an adult.

After growing up on Long Island, I made the move to New York City.  And in the City that never sleeps,  a car and/or a license was the least necessary item to have in your stable.  Long story short, when I moved out west, and after a number of years still without one, I finally got myself a license and watered the seed my father had planted all those years ago.  

Every weekend I would rent a car and drive to the mountains.  I would hike every trail I could find and then hike them all again.  My love for the outdoors that started back when I was a kid reached new heights in the PNW.  But it wasn't until four years ago that the love I had for the outdoors translated into photography.  

The move from Seattle to small-town Hood River was a long time coming.  The 2-hour trek to get to the mountains was wearing thin on my nerves and I wanted to be close to them and Hood River is damned close.  Upon my arrival, I scoured the internet, bought books, and asked locals where to hike...  And hike I did.  Every day, it seemed, I was on a new trail exploring my new home... and taking pictures with my phone.


With one click of a button on that phone, a photo I took was uploaded to social media where it was met with interaction I had never seen before!  And born from that was my deep dive into Landscape Photography.  



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